Did you know that approximately one quarter of American adults between the ages of 20 and 44 have untreated tooth decay? Dental health is monumentally important to one’s physical health and overall lifespan. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to not only see a dentist regularly, but also consult a qualified one.

If you live in Fort Pierce, there are a great many dentist offices to choose from. However, to pinpoint the best one to trust with your teeth, certain qualifications must first be met. This brief guide will show you how to find the best dentist in Fort Pierce.

1. Look Up Their Credentials

Something you may not know is that there are about sixty dentists in America for every 100,000 residents in a population. Therefore, any local dentist up for your consideration should be Board Certified. This means that they have completed all the necessary education and training to not only obtain their licensure, but also be approved by the foremost experts in the field of dentistry.

Board certification is by no means required, but is an important signal that a particular dentist’s expertise ranks among the best available. When you are entrusting your dental health to a professional, these credentials offer assurance that you’re receiving the best care you can.

2. Make Sure The Dentist Is Experienced

Whether you need an orthodontist in Fort Pierce or a routine cleaning of your teeth, you should be able to pinpoint a few other key components of any potential dentist’s history.

In your research, you should be able to see where they received their education in dentistry. You should also be sure to take a look at their disciplinary history or learn if they have had any major malpractice claims in the past.

If a dentist or orthodontist has been in business a long time with as few spots on their record as possible, then you can feel better about keeping them in the running.

3. Evaluate The Customer Experience

Any time you’ve visited the dentist’s office in your lifetime, there’s one thing you’ve always certainly noticed: how the space made you feel.

If you’re going to commit to getting an invisalign in Fort Pierce or any more complex dental or orthodontic work, you should do so in a welcoming environment. A good dentist’s office should always foster an inviting and pleasant experience for any customer. Whether you’re in the waiting room, in-between various checkups, or laid back in the dentist’s chair, you should be kept as comfortable as possible.

4. Research Any Dentist in Fort Pierce For Customer Feedback

It’s one thing for a dentist’s credentials and accolades to hold up to your standards on paper. It’s another thing altogether that they can consistently please their customer base.

Take a look at their customer reviews via Google, Yelp, or their website and compare them to their competitors. You will want to look out for all signals that the dentist is open, helpful, and communicative with friendly and cooperative staff. The next satisfied or dissatisfied customer could indeed be you, so a keen eye is crucial.

5. Ensure The Communication Style Is A Match

Another option you can entertain is sitting down and meeting with a dentist before choosing to receive their care. Note how they respond to questions and how well they are able to articulate their professional knowledge.

Any trustworthy dentist should welcome as many questions as is necessary for you to be comfortable under their care. With a conversation, you will be able to gauge their level of comfort and respect and should thus be put at ease going forward.

6. Learn About Their Orthodontic Work

Quality orthodontic work is not something that any given dentist can provide. If you’re looking to get braces in Fort Worth, you should know that your dentist’s office is just as credentialed in that field.

With a bit more online research, you should be able to determine whether your preferred dentist’s office is just as skilled, experienced, and well-reviewed in their orthodontic procedures specifically.

7. Know What Your Insurance Covers

You may think you’ve settled on the decision of where to get braces in Fort Pierce, but there’s one last factor you should never ignore. Before receiving any dental checkup or orthodontic procedure of any kind, you should be absolutely sure your insurance can cover it.

Unbeknownst to you, a dentist may be outside your network or offer certain care that your insurance does not approve. If you’re too late in learning about either, the costs can be well outside your budget and hurt you financially.

If you have any uncertainty whatsoever, give your insurance company a call and confirm the limits of your coverage in advance.

Start Your Search Today

Finding the right dentist in Fort Pierce to meet your specific needs can be a meticulous process. However, dental health is still time-sensitive, and you should never be afraid to take initiative. After all, the easiest and most proactive way to inform yourself as a potential customer is to open a line and start a conversation.

At Jacobus Orthodontics, our friendly and experienced staff is happy to guide you or your loved ones through any uncertainties you may have with the dental or orthodontic process. If you have any specific concerns about braces or invisalign, our years of experience can certainly meet your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us help you on your journey toward healthier teeth and gums.