Enjoy a Straighter Smile with
Invisalign® in Port St. Lucie

At Jacobus Orthodontics, we are proud to be a first-choice Invisalign® provider in Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce. Led by Dr. Brian Jacobus, our team specializes in creating custom orthodontic treatment plans for patients looking to straighten their smile using clear braces and aligners. Invisalign® is a great choice for adults and teens looking to improve the look and feel of their smile. Unlike traditional treatment options, Invisalign® works fast to give patients the smiles they want and deserve without the interruptions caused by metal braces. With Invisalign®, there are no food restrictions, fewer office visits, virtually no discomfort, and no difficulty with normal cleaning!

How Do Invisalign Clear Aligners Work

Scheduled Consultation

The beginning of any orthodontics treatment begins with a scheduled consultation here at our office. As your trusted Port St. Lucie orthodontist, Dr. Jacobus will work with you to identify the goals you have for your smile. Once a treatment plan has been agreed upon, you’ll be fitted for a series of comfortable, discreet aligners. 

Digital Impressions

We’ll have your clear braces custom-crafted using comfortable digital impressions, without the goopy mess of traditional dental impressions. Each set of aligners will be worn for about two weeks before moving on to the next set in the series — all from the comfort of your own home!


Unlike traditional metal braces, patients that opt for Invisalign ® have no food restrictions, fewer office visits, virtually no discomfort, and no difficulty with normal cleaning. With Invisalign ®, there’s no reason to step back from your professional or social life and every reason to lean in! 

Schedule an Invisalign ® Consultation
with Your Port St. Lucie Orthodontist Today

Available for both teens and adults, Invisalign® is often recommended as an alternative to traditional metal braces for the treatment of a wide range of dental health or cosmetic concerns. Invisalign ® provides several benefits to oral health as well as the convenience of comfortable, removable retainers that gradually realign teeth in about a year. To schedule an Invisalign ® consultation, please contact our office today. Dr. Jacobus looks forward to being your trusted Port St. Lucie Invisalign ® provider!