common Invisalign mistakes

There are plenty of valid reasons for investing in a straighter smile. You’re not alone if you’re interested in getting Invisalign aligners. After all, even experts suggest that a positive self-confidence brings actual value to both your personal and professional lives.

Before you go through with your dental treatment, though, read through the following common Invisalign mistakes. You want to ensure you’re getting the most out of the money you spend on these aligners, right?

Make sure your Invisalign treatment goes as smoothly and successfully as possible, from start to finish. Keep reading for seven key mistakes to recognize and avoid.

1. You Don’t Do Plenty of Research About Your Potential Treatment Provider

The most important thing to remember when it comes to investing in Invisalign as an adult is to start by doing your research. It’s going to be more comforting to your peace of mind if you fully trust your potential Invisalign treatment provider.

Consider this fact about clear dental aligners as a global industry. In the single year of 2018, the market was worth over $2.3 billion! So, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of treatment providers out there.

That’s why we’re here to answer any of your questions about Invisalign treatment options and financing. We want to empower you with the knowledge you need to feel comfortable moving forward with this invaluable dental care solution. You deserve to only receive treatment from a provider who truly has your best interest in mind.

In fact, that’s why your research could start with any potential online reviews or testimonials of previous customers. Reading these could give you insight as to whether you can expect a positive experience from that provider, too.

2. You Keep Your Invisalign Retainers In for the Allotted Time

One of the first things that people struggle with concerning Invisalign treatment is how long they have to keep the retainers in. The point of Invisalign treatment, of course, is to be worn throughout most of the day. The clear nature of Invisalign will allow you to do so without presenting an uncomely appearance.

If you don’t wear your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours every day, you’re making a mistake. As tempting as it might be to take your retainers out for longer than the allotted time every day, it’s worthwhile to refrain. Otherwise, the treatment won’t be effective and you’ll be wasting your money.

Still, it’s important to recognize the value of flexibility with Invisalign. Since you can take them out at your leisure, plan your day so that you can remove them at the most opportune time for a couple of hours.

Then, reinsert them for the rest of your day to ensure you’re making the most of this treatment. This consistency of wearing them is essential to helping your teeth straighten out within the timeframe of your full Invisalign treatment.

3. You Don’t Clean Your Invisalign Retainers

Another major mistake adults make regarding Invisalign is the lack of cleaning. Your dental treatment provider is, of course, going to be an invaluable resource. He or she will go over the proper cleaning routine with your aligners upon receiving them.

Invisalign retainers need to be cleaned every single day. When you avoid doing so, stains and discoloration will start to accumulate. This defeats the purpose of the clear aligners in the first place!

4. You Smoke While Wearing Your Clear Aligners

Another way to discolor your retainers is by smoking while wearing your aligners. This includes smoking anything from cigars to cigarettes.

If habitual smoking is part of your everyday lifestyle, it might be in your best interest to schedule doing so when you remove your aligners. Otherwise, you won’t be getting your money’s worth from the treatment.

5. You Don’t Properly Store Your Retainers

Many adults have the best intentions when it comes to their Invisalign treatment. Still, they can be forgetful and unorganized to their resulting detriment.

If you don’t store your aligners in the provided containers each time you take them out, you’re taking a serious risk. It’s all too easy to accidentally lose your aligners or throw them away. Instead, get into a habit of keeping your aligners in either your mouth or the provided container.

6. You Keep Eating and Drinking with Your Invisalign Retainers In

Similar to smoking while you’re aligners are in, don’t forget to take them out when you’re eating or drinking, too. Your everyday meals should be a part of your consideration when you remove the aligners for those precious few hours every day. Schedule those hours around meals to ensure you’re not damaging or discoloring your aligners every time you take a bite.

7. You Don’t Make the Most of Your New, Straight Teeth!

Finally, don’t make this significant mistake as an adult with Invisalign treatment. It’s essential that you enjoy the results you start to see in your fresh, more radiant smile.

Remember, it’s never too late to invest in a brighter, happier smile in order to boost your self-confidence. Even adults can get dental care and take advantage of the self-esteem boost for many more decades. Take the time to think about when you’re ready to invest in the rewarding treatment of Invisalign.

Avoid the Above Common Invisalign Mistakes with Proper Treatment

Don’t let just anyone convince you they know how to provide you with a proper Invisalign treatment. It’s worth your time to do plenty of research before investing in these aligners. That’s why you’ll take the above common Invisalign mistakes to heart.

In addition, we encourage you to browse through our website to see how our Invisalign expertise could benefit you. We want you to go through your life with a healthier, more radiant smile.

Plus, we’ve gathered all of the latest and greatest trends in oral health within our informational blog. Take a look at our article archives for guidance on making – and keeping – your smile the prettiest it can be. First, check out more details about our Invisalign treatment services available to you and your family now.