Straight teeth don’t just look good and strengthen your confidence. They can improve your oral health, make it easier to chew, and even help you to speak better

The problem is, adult braces might seem to be the most inconvenient and embarrassing thing there is. Whether it’s the stigma that braces are only for children, or that they’re too ugly, the result is the same: adults avoid braces.

However, there are one too many myths surrounding adults with braces. Adult orthodontics is essential for optimal oral health. Believing these tired old myths means you miss out on all the benefits.

Keep reading as we debunk the five big myths about adult braces.

1. Braces Are Only for Children

Picture someone who has braces. Invariably, this is a teenager with poor hygiene and something stuck in their teeth. But like many stereotypes, this one is ought to be long dead.

Some adults mistakenly believe that they’re too old to straighten their teeth. Once you hit your twenties, all your bones finish developing and won’t move, right? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Adults can get braces well into adulthood. Granted, it may take a bit longer to straighten an adult’s teeth. But as long as you keep up with braces maintenance, you will get that straight smile that you desire.

Many adults are getting braces these days, and you don’t have to look far to find one. We’re undoing the stigma by acknowledging that there’s no age limit on perfect oral health. Age is not–and never should have been–a barrier to getting the straight teeth you deserve.

2. Adults With Braces Stick Out in a Crowd

If you’re an adult with braces, you may find that you avoid smiling at all costs. As long as you don’t talk or eat with your mouth too open, you won’t have to reveal that you have them. Many people feel that once someone sees your braces, that’s all they see from that moment onward.

However, this isn’t true in most cases. The old-fashioned metal adult braces that you’re imagining aren’t as thick and noticeable as before. Modern variants are thinner and lighter, and have color options that help them blend in better with your mouth.

Or, you can dispense with adult braces entirely. Invisalign allows you to correct your teeth with transparent aligners. No one ever needs to know that you’re trying to straighten your teeth in the first place.

Invisalign is more convenient, requiring fewer visits to the orthodontist. All you have to do is take them out before you eat and keep them clean. They’re more comfortable than braces and won’t affect your speech once you get them.

3. Braces Are Painful

Braces can cause discomfort at times. But this is often the result of children eating food that they shouldn’t, or not doing braces maintenance.

As long as you avoid hard or sticky food, your braces will be fine. Many see this as a downside, but there are benefits to limiting what you eat. Braces are an excellent time to diet for many since you can’t eat most unhealthy foods.

In some cases, you might get mouth irritation from a protruding wire. With a bit of orthodontic wax and a pencil eraser, it’s easy to relieve that pain.

Braces and Invisalign may give you a bit of soreness after you make an adjustment, However, this discomfort is temporary. In most cases, it goes away soon after and you’ll forget about it.

4. Cleaning Braces Is Hard

This myth persists, but of all the myths, this one really needs to go the way of the dodo. 

Cleaning braces, at most, adds an extra minute or two to your regular oral hygiene. The biggest issue tends to be food getting stuck under the wires. With practice, you’ll do this cleaning in seconds.

All you need is a braces maintenance kit. This will include brushes and braces flossers. These tools make it a lot easier to dislodge anything that got stuck under the wires.

As you go throughout your day, you can keep one of these brushes on hand. Anytime food gets stuck in the braces, you can remove it before anyone notices. At worst, you may have to make a brief visit to the bathroom.

You won’t lose more than a couple of minutes in an average day cleaning your braces. It will become as routine as styling your hair, or ironing your clothes. Soon you’ll get used to it, and it will no longer be a source of annoyance.

5. Braces Are Expensive

To be clear, braces will be an investment that you need to budget for. It requires years of care in close cooperation with your orthodontist. That said, the idea that most people can’t afford them is simply not true.

The thing is, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Your orthodontist will outline all the costs and can suggest alternatives if you can’t afford more expensive options. Cleaning braces and doing braces maintenance will go a long way to reducing emergency visits that could cost you more.

At the end of the day, it will be worth it to straighten your teeth. A healthy, straight smile is priceless. Once you have that smile, you won’t be thinking about how long or how much it took to get it.

Get Your Fort Pierce Braces With Jacobus Orthodontics

Adults with braces often worry that their braces look too ugly, cost too much, or require too much care. These old myths aren’t true and haven’t been for some time already. There’s no need to worry about the pain, the social perceptions, or the annoyance of daily cleaning. 

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