We are a culture with information at our fingertips. With iPads, smartphones and many other devices, the answer to all our questions can be found in an instant. The millennial demographic wants fast, efficient, affordable care at their fingertips.

As an orthodontic treatment coordinator I ask our fast-pasted generation to stop for a moment and ask yourself what are you willing to sacrifice when you seek to obtain the cheapest and quickest orthodontic result? Are you willing to sacrifice your health? Are you willing to accept compromise in the end result? Are you fully educated on the subject before jumping in with both feet?

Dr. Jacobus completed dental school as well as an additional two years of residency training and years of continued education to specialize in Orthodontics. For 25+ years Dr. Jacobus has been treating all types of orthodontic cases. Orthodontics is an art and a science, which entails much more than just making the front teeth straight. It takes careful planning and treatment to make sure that the teeth, the bite and the facial aesthetics are all correct and in harmony.

Orthodontics is one area where do-it-yourself is not advisable. Don’t take that risk. Call Dr. Jacobus. Ask questions and give us the opportunity to give you the knowledge base to make the best decision for your dental health. Allow the orthodontist to give you the stable, healthy, and beautify smile that you deserve.