Let’s face it. Even when you have your dream job you can get caught up in the hamster wheel, running in circles just to keep up. Well I got pushed off my wheel by an amazing patient today. I took J back to take photographs of his face and teeth as well as an x-ray. Although very nervous and even a little shy J cautiously let me into his circle of trust and we chatted as friends. He told me about rock artists I had never heard of. He told me who his favorite sports teams were with a Tampa hockey team at the top of his list.

He was not new to orthodontics and amazed me with his detailed and accurate description of his prior experience. I couldn’t help but say over and over in my head, “he is so smart, what a neat person.”

Once Dr. Jacobus completed his exam and treatment plan recommendation he was just as impressed with J’s intelligence and charm. With his mother’s assistance J got out of the orthodontic chair and without turning his head towards me he simply explained.

“I like you. You can come to my house anytime.”

I found myself really hoping that I would get to see J come back to our office soon. Even though J was blind he saw in more detail than most people I know. He reminded me that every day we have an opportunity to impact others.

Thank you, J, for being you.