Your dentist has told you that you need braces. It feels a little silly getting braces as an adult. You’re worried that people will mistake you as a teenager.  

Lucky for you, there are several adult orthodontic options available to you in the Fort Pierce area. You don’t have to go with traditional braces if you’re worried about how they’ll look on you.

If you get Invisalign retainers, nobody will even be able to tell you’re wearing them unless they get close to your face. This is just one example. Check out this quick guide to learn everything you need to know about adult braces. 

Time Period for Adult Braces 

Many adults prefer to wear their braces for as short a time as possible. They have presentations to do and meetings to go to. Some fear that having braces would get in the way. 

If you’re one of these adults and don’t want to wear your braces for the full year to year and a half, there is another option. Talk to your dentist about six-month-braces. They’ll have to evaluate your mouth first to see if you’re a good candidate for them. 

You have to have healthy teeth and gums in order to qualify. You may have to get a root canal and teeth cleaning before the braces can be placed. 

Are There Benefits of Getting Braces as an Adult?

There is the obvious benefit of braces. If your teeth overlap at all it will be hard to clean them good enough to keep tooth decay away. Getting braces can help you get back on track with your oral health. 

Straight teeth are seen as a symbol of success. Coworkers and managers will look at you differently if you have an attractive smile. You may be a little self-conscious with braces at first but once they come off and you see your new smile, you’ll have more confidence then you’ve ever had before. 

Side Effects of Adult Braces 

There are a few side effects to be wary of when you get adult braces. The most common one is gum pain. That should go away once your mouth gets used the braces, however. 

Another common side effect is temporomandibular dysfunction. You could experience root resorption depending on your hygiene habits and the shape of your gums. 

The Cost of Adult braces 

One of the main reasons why people put off treatment is the expense. Braces are notorious for being costly even though the price isn’t actually that bad. If you’re getting braces for actual health reasons then your insurance might cover it. 

The cost of the braces will depend on the kind you get. Traditional braces are the least expensive but if you don’t want those, your orthodontist will work with you. They may let you make monthly payments.    

Braces Choices 

Now that you’ve gotten a little background information on adult braces it’s time to choose the ones you want. Your options are traditional braces, self-lingual braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign. 

Traditional Braces 

Traditional braces can pretty much fix any smile and for the most part, insurance will cover the cost. These braces use wire, metal brackets, and elastic bands in order to straighten teeth. 

Again, traditional braces are the least expensive type and you can use colorful bands to express your personality if you want. Some adults don’t enjoy that last benefit. They would prefer wearing braces that are a little less noticeable. 

Self-Lingual Braces 

Self-Lingual braces are a little like traditional braces except they use a sliding mechanism in order to straighten teeth. They’re not as noticeable as traditional braces and they stay on your teeth unless removed by your orthodontist. You’ll be less likely to lose them this way. 

Lingual Braces 

Lingual braces work a lot like traditional braces in that they use brackets and wires. These braces attach to the back of your teeth though. Not the front. 

Since they are placed on the back of your teeth, they’re pretty much invisible. The only indication that you’re wearing them will be the slight speech issues you’ll have when your treatment begins. 

If there is any discoloration apparent once the braces come off, nobody will know about it because it’s behind your teeth. They also work just as well as the other options on this list. 

You shouldn’t run into any issues with lingual braces unless you have an overbite. Your teeth might put too much pressure on the braces and cause them to easily pop off. 


Invisalign are clear trays that will be specially made to fit and straighten your teeth. They will take less time to do their job than metal braces while also being less visible and more comfortable. 

They don’t use metal or wires so they won’t irritate your gums. You can take them out when you eat (in fact, it’s encouraged) so you won’t have to alter your diet at all. This benefit is offset by the fact that you have to brush your teeth before you put them back in. 

They will straighten your teeth but they don’t handle as many orthodontic issues as metal braces. Your Invisalign won’t need to get adjusted like metal braces but you will have to go every few weeks to get refitted for trays in order for them to be effective. 

Weighing Your Adult Orthodontic Options in Fort Pierce 

Has your dentist told you that you need to get braces? While you may not be in love with the idea of wearing braces as an adult, you’ve got plenty of adult orthodontic options available to you to make wearing them not as painful. 

Weigh your options in the Fort Pierce area and start your path toward a smile that you can be proud of. 

Are you ready to start your treatment? Contact us today to learn more about our orthodontic services.