Are you worried about the appearance of your smile? Consider straightening teeth with an orthodontic procedure. You’re never too old to start treatment.

In fact, over 4 million people in the US wear braces. About a quarter of these individuals are adults If you’re concerned about wearing traditional metal braces, however, there are alternative options.

For example, you can talk to your Fort Pierce orthodontist about Invisalign treatment. Invisalign offers discretion while straightening your smile.

There are a few myths about Invisalign that might cause you to hesitate, though. Here are seven rumors about Invisalign to ignore. After reading this guide, you can determine if this course of orthodontic treatment is right for you.

Don’t let these myths stop you! Instead, read on to learn the truth about Invisalign today. 

1. Invisalign Only Fixes Minor Problems

Many people make the mistake of thinking Invisalign treatment isn’t ideal for severe alignment issues. Some believe Invisalign can only close small gaps between your teeth. That’s not the case.

In fact, Invisalign treatment is ideal for major and minor misalignments. It can help if you have severely crooked teeth, too.

One of the best benefits of Invisalign is the treatment is customized based on your treatment goals and needs.

Consider scheduling a consultation appointment with your Fort Pierce orthodontist. They’ll evaluate the state of your smile. They might recommend Invisalign for a range of concerns, including:

  • Crossbites
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Open bites
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth

Visiting your orthodontist will help you determine if you’re an ideal candidate for Invisalign. Starting treatment right away can help you fix one or more of these orthodontic issues. You can improve the appearance of your smile and give your self-confidence a major boost!

Scheduling a consultation appointment can help you discover other types of braces you might prefer, too. 

2. Treatment is Expensive

Some patients hesitate to start orthodontic treatment with Invisalign because they’re worried it’s too expensive.

The cost of treatment can vary based on where you’re located. Take the time to visit your Fort Pierce orthodontist. They can help you make a more informed decision regarding pricing.

You might want to talk to your insurance provider to discover if they’ll cover a portion of the cost, too.

Some people worry that Invisalign will cost more than an orthodontic procedure with traditional metal braces. That’s not the case. In fact, the average cost for Invisalign is between $3,000 and $5,000.

In comparison, traditional metal braces can cost between $2,000 and $6,000.

A range of factors can impact the cost, including:

  • Your specific oral health needs
  • How much work you need
  • The dentist’s time for labor
  • How much your insurance plan will help cover
  • Your location and the average price in the area

Before making any decisions, talk to your Fort Pierce orthodontist. They might even have payment plans available you can use.

3. It’s Only for Adults

One of the most common myths surrounding Invisalign is that it’s only for adults.

Many teenagers have successfully completed treatment, too. It’s important to make sure that you’re disciplined throughout your treatment, though.

One of the benefits of Invisalign is you can remove your aligners as needed to brush, floss, or eat. Some children can forget to put their aligners back into place after meals. It’s important to keep the aligners safe and clean, too.

If you think your child will benefit from Invisalign treatment, talk to your orthodontist. They can review the pros and cons. If you’re not worried your child will lose or forget their aligners, they could start treatment, too. 

4. It Takes Time to See Results

It doesn’t take months or even years for you to start noticing results from this course of treatment. In fact, you’ll receive new Invisalign aligners every week or two weeks. With each pair of aligners, your teeth will slowly move into place.

You might even notice an improvement within the span of six months.

The course of your treatment can vary based on your orthodontic issues. Make sure to talk to your orthodontist. They can help you develop realistic expectations regarding treatment.

It’s important that you wear your aligners between 20 and 22 hours each day, though. If you don’t wear your aligners, you might not experience results. Your treatment plan might take longer than expected as a result.

Make sure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions to the letter.

5. Aligners Are Uncomfortable

Wearing Invisalign aligners is usually more comfortable than other orthodontic treatment options.

You might need a week or two to get used to having aligners in your mouth. However, aligners don’t require metal wires or brackets. Chances are, you’ll feel more comfortable wearing your plastic aligners.

It’s normal to develop a lisp during the first few weeks of treatment, too. Give your tongue and mouth time to adjust. After a while, you won’t even remember you’re wearing the aligners. 

6. DIY Aligners Are Equally Effective

Choosing DIY aligners might prove more trouble than they’re worth. DIY aligners might not fix your orthodontic issues. Instead, talk to your orthodontist.

They can show you what the results of your treatment will look like. You might decide Invisalign is a worthwhile investment in your smile. 

7. You Have to Change Your Diet

With braces, you’ll need to avoid certain foods throughout the course of your treatment.

Remember, you can remove your Invisalign aligners. In other words, you can eat whatever you want! You won’t have to change your diet.

Make sure to brush and floss before putting your aligners back in, though. 

Debunking Myths: 7 Rumors About Invisalign Treatment to Ignore

Don’t let these myths about Invisalign treatment keep you from receiving the dental care you need. Instead, consider scheduling an appointment with your Fort Pierce orthodontist. Your orthodontist can help you determine if you’re an ideal candidate for treatment.

You can explore different types of braces to determine which best suits your orthodontic goals. Then, you can straighten your teeth for a stunning, bright smile.

Eager to get started? We can help. 

Contact our Fort Pierce orthodontic practice today to schedule your appointment.