If you’re part of the 74% of Americans who have some sort of teeth misalignment, you may think your only option is traditional braces. The good news is those clear liners like Invisalign are an easy and convenient way to improve your dental health and appearance without many of the downsides of braces. Each year, we treat hundreds of St. Lucie county patients who are looking for straighter teeth, and we often recommend this beneficial alternative to braces. Made for your mouth, Invisalign fits snugly on your teeth and is easy to use and maintain. But what are some of the benefits of Invisalign, and why might they be a good alternative to braces?

Keep reading for some of the ways that Invisalign liners top braces, and why you should consider them!

Improved Dental Health

Many patients opt to correct crooked teeth because they are looking for more confidence in their smiles. But straightening treatment is also a great way to improve your dental health.

When teeth are not angled or haven’t grown in the way they’re supposed to, your bite and chewing motion can be affected. This may lead to chipping, irregular wear, or certain spots being difficult to reach.

With Invisalign, your teeth are guided back into place over time with comfortable clear liners. Within a year or two, your mouth will be positioned in the best way to prevent early wear and make cleaning much easier.

Aside from that, many patients report that learning to use Invisalign has also taught them better dental hygiene habits.

By following the guidelines and using treatment as intended, Invisalign is one of the best options for improving your dental health while boosting self-confidence.


Traditional braces are well known to be painful and often uncomfortable. Edges of the metal brackets can get caught on the lips, causing cuts and bleeding.

Braces often need tightening as well, a process that can cause significant pain and soreness.

Invisalign sits flush on your teeth, meaning there are no brackets or wires to get in your way. This clear liner is also trimmed to fit your gums, meaning that the treatment is snug without being uncomfortable.

Though Invisalign may cause some slight soreness during treatment, this form of dental correction is far more comfortable than traditional braces. Because they are easily removed, you can also stop the treatment process at any time if you feel you need to do so.

As long as you stay in contact with your dental health professional and use the liners are instructed, your treatment process should be far more comfortable when using Invisalign rather than braces.

Almost Invisible

Traditional braces are not only uncomfortable but often distracting. Many people looking for healthier teeth are deterred by the look and stigma of regular braces. Invisalign can solve this common problem.

Invisalign is a clear liner system, meaning that treatment is almost undetectable. You can now treat your teeth without worrying about your smile! This makes Invisalign great for teens as well.

But whether your an adult or a teen looking for a healthier mouth, the clear simplicity of Invisalign is a big plus.

No Food Restrictions

One of the most frustrating parts of traditional braces for many is the long list of forbidden foods. To keep brackets clean and protect the treatment process, braces prevent patients from eating:

  • Popcorn
  • Gum
  • Sticky or hard candy
  • Ice
  • Crunchy snacks (pretzels, crackers, hard cookies)
  • Nuts

Not only do braces often prevent patients from eating the food they desire, but they can’t be removed.

Because you can’t eat with your Invisalign in, this problem is skipped altogether. The clear trays are easy to take out and can be stored away while you enjoy your meal.

Once you have finished eating, place your liners back in and pick up your treatment where you left off. No more worrying about food caught in brackets, and no more eating restrictions!

Quicker Results

Because they look less intensive, many assume that Invisalign liners are not as effective as braces. But Invisalign is not only effective but often quicker than traditional straightening treatment.

Patients may have to wear braces for up to 5 years, while Invisalign users often reach their goals in 1 to 2. Because the process of using Invisalign is also simpler, the treatment period likely won’t feel as long as the same amount of time using braces.

Many patients also find that braces are more difficult to use properly. off-limit foods or neglecting tightening appointments can prolong the treatment process.

Easy To Maintain

Traditional braces often need frequent and lengthy dental visits to maintain.
Patients using braces find themselves in their orthodontist’s office far more often than they would like to be.

This is because braces need to be tightened, and it is not uncommon for brackets to fall off. Both of these issues mean a visit to a dental office.

These visits often result in pain and soreness after, making them one of the primary reasons patients avoid dental treatment.

Invisalign liners require dental visits only once every 6 weeks. This makes them a great option for those tight on time.

The Many Of Benefits Invisalign

If you’re looking for a healthier mouth and a better smile, you no longer have to fear that metal braces are the only way to go. Today, the benefits of Invisalign are hard to contend with!

Clear liners are more comfortable and difficult to see. They also take less time and effort to maintain and can be removed at any time.

Skip the discomfort and appearance of metal braces, and ask our experienced staff about Invisalign today!

Ready to improve your mouth’s health? Stop by our office today, just minutes from Fort Pierce!