Believe it or not, having a perfect smile is more than an aesthetic benefit. That smile is  infectious to the people around you as well as strangers. A straight smile is also a big benefit to your overall health. 

When you fix crooked teeth your overall health improves. There are several factors that misaligned teeth and jaw problems can cause. You may want to consult your dentist sooner rather than later about fixing your teeth. 

With imperfect teeth, wondering how to fix misaligned teeth is a constant thought. 

Before you go another day with crooked teeth, it’s time to find out why you shouldn’t. Let’s take a look at what makes crooked teeth dangerous. These are the troubles that having misaligned could cause for your mouth. 

1. The Effect on Mental Health

They say the first thing many people notice about someone else is their smile. When you’re self-conscious about your smile it can be detrimental to your mental health. This can lead to a number of different health problems such as depression and anxiety. 

Fixing your teeth can boost your confidence and give you a reason to want to smile again. An orthodontist can give you back the freedom to feel comfortable showing off your teeth and providing other people with the notion of a great day. 

After all, the proverb says, a smile is worth a thousand words. Make yourself feel like your smile is worth that. 

2. Easier to Break Teeth

Because of your crooked teeth, your jaw doesn’t meet as normal. Meaning that there is a strain on some teeth more than there is on others. This could mean that some teeth are dealing with more wear and tear. 

When some teeth are constantly dealing with the weight of others it puts them at risk for easy breakage. Your teeth may be in danger from the way you chew. Your orthodontist will be able to inform you of the condition of your teeth and if you have anything you should concern yourself with. 

3. Keeping Clean Is Hard

When your teeth are crooked they can be more difficult to clean. Reaching those spaces between teeth can be a project that just an ordinary toothbrush can’t accomplish. You may find that there is always plaque in your teeth. 

Not being able to keep your teeth clean leads to a number of different teeth problems. A Fort Pierce orthodontist is waiting to assist you with keeping that bright smile clean and straight. 

When your teeth are misaligned, even the best toothbrush won’t be able to help get all of the areas that leftover food hides in. 

4. Gum Disease Is Possible 

Crooked teeth are one of the leading causes of many different gum diseases. Misaligned teeth make it so that cleaning down to the gum isn’t as easy as it should be. This leaves grime nearly your gum and tooth line. 

Those gum infections may be festering and you might not even know it. Cleaning your teeth needs to be done frequently if your teeth are crooked. When you align your teeth it’s easier to clean them and get right down to the gum. 

5. Bad Breath Happens Easier

Another side effect of your teeth being crooked is that bad breath can happen easier. Particles become trapped in your teeth and grow bacteria. It’s hard to reach many places in your mouth because of your crooked teeth. 

When your teeth are straight those hard-to-reach places can be flossed and cleaned. You’ll find that you feel more comfortable with your breath because all of those hard-to-reach places are covered. 

When you feel better about your breath you’ll find yourself talking to people easier. Throwing out those bright smiles isn’t something you should shy away from. Grow your confidence in a radiant smile that looks and smells great. 

6. Chewing Has Complications

Cooked teeth and miss alignment may also make chewing more difficult to do. Your teeth may not be meeting the same way that most people do. You might be wearing your teeth down and making chewing different items more complicated. 

When your teeth are straight, they meet evenly and make it easier for your jaw to process foods. Your bites are distributed evenly and the strain on your jaw and on your teeth is significantly reduced. 

You may not even notice how off your chewing is right now. Fixing your teeth will give you the opportunity to see how strained your teeth were before fixing their alignment. 

7. Headaches May Occur

If you’ve been experiencing significant headaches you might find that your teeth are a contributing factor to them. Your jaw might be working overtime to compensate for the misalignment of your teeth. This creates more stress on your head and creates headaches to be more severe. 

Invisalign crooked teeth and find out if your symptoms of chronic headaches stop because your alignment is fixed and you’re able to chew and move your jaw without concern again. 

You may not even notice the different factors that your crooked teeth contribute to until after they’re fixed and you feel great about your smile again. Those headaches could be a thing of the past once your teeth are straight. 

Repair Your Crooked Teeth

When it comes to your mouth, oral health and hygiene should always be a top priority. If you have crooked teeth it may be time to consult an orthodontist about what can be done to fix them. Don’t just feel better about your smile, eliminate those worries about your mouth. 

Once you’re ready for a consultation, we’re ready to assist you. Contact us today about your options. We can guide you through the entire process until you’re comfortable with your options.