A healthy mouth aligns with a healthy mind and heart. It also is one of the determining factors of confidence.

More than 4 million people in America are unsatisfied with their mouths and choose to get it fixed. The reasons for braces will vary from person to person. Taking that first step to visit an orthodontist can be hard. 

You shouldn’t let this stop you from getting the treatment you need. Take a look at these reasons to get braces and see if you can identify with a problem. 

1. You Have an Overbite

Most people do not think of the medical reasons why they should get braces. They get it because they want to appear normal.

Those who grow up with an overbite may get bullied by their peers. Childhood may be a period of ridicule, and being called names such as “buck teeth.” 

If you have an overbite, the upper half of your teeth stick further forward compared to the lower set. The severity of this protrusion varies from person to person. The further away the upper teeth are, the more likely you will experience dental issues. 

Other than having eating issues, chances of gum damage and damage to the front teeth are increased. Lower lip bleeding can also occur, and commonly affects kids

2. You Have an Underbite

Underbites are the opposite issue of overbites. When your jaw is still, you will notice your lower teeth overlap and cross your upper teeth. You can also see it when you smile. 

It may go unnoticed in mild cases. When it is severe, it can create a bulldog-like appearance. It can turn into more than just a cosmetic issue and cause trouble down the road.

Underbites result in a variety of eating issues and make chewing food unenjoyable. Talking can be bothersome as well, and there is an increased risk of dental injury.  Many people often experience face pain because of the misalignment between the teeth. 

3. You Have an Open bite

An open bite is a unique type of dental issue. Individuals with this have an open space at the front or sides of their teeth when they bite. This gap is visible when they smile and notice the gap between the top and bottom of their teeth. 

When you have an open bite, you can also have hardships eating or speaking. Some may describe they formed an embarrassing habit known as tongue thrusting

It’s one reason people later develop temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). This will cause chronic jaw pain.  

4. You Have Little Teeth Space

Overcrowding of the teeth is another type of complication. A person with this will have little to no room for their teeth. The teeth can overlap with one another and push inward or outward.

When you look at your teeth, it appears crooked and can ruin the confidence to talk or smile.

Bad breath may occur because particles are stuck in tight spaces and make flossing painful and hard. Having little space can also increase the risk of getting cavities, dental plaque, and gingivitis

5. You Have Too Much Teeth Space

Sometimes a person can have too much space in their teeth. The crazy gaps are one of the mains reasons people get braces. This can also make it awkward to want to smile. 

The large spacing can make it appear that the teeth or larger or smaller than it would appear if straightened. In other cases the gap can be so extreme, it appears as if you are missing teeth. 

Oftentimes, people will unintentionally grind their teeth. Gaps can be uniform or appear in one spot such as between the two front teeth. Food can get trapped in the gap pockets.

Your gums may later feel sore and tender. If this happens a lot, there is a risk of gum disease.  

6. You Have a Speech Impediment

Many dental abnormalities that disrupt the normal order of teeth can lead to speech issues. We need our teeth to talk and pronounce words.

Those with a speech impediment may have issues talking clearly. They whistle, lisp, slur, or stutter when they talk if the teeth are not in a proper position.

It becomes hard for some to say certain letters like “s” “ch” and “t” because of abnormal teeth-tongue placement. These letters are fricative constants and require proper tooth-to-tongue contact. 

7. You Simply Want Straight Teeth

Have you ever looked at someone and admired how straight and bright their teeth are? Other than gazing at someone’s eyes, people are attracted to others from their smiles. 

You may not necessarily have a real dental problem or issue, but you want to fix teeth to have your best smile. People who are fixing minor concerns with their teeth often prefer to correct it with Invisalign.  

Even in minor situations, getting your teeth straight can help improve your dental health. Doing so can even prevent certain oral complications from happening in the future. 

These Teeth Issues Are Reasons for Braces  

Everyone will have their own reasons for braces. Spacing issues is one of them. misaligned teeth is another. Others may be bothered by the way their teeth make them speak. 

Whether you are struggling because it is a medical or cosmetic issue, you should get the problem fixed before it gets worse. If you would like to get your teeth checked and find out the best options for you, please contact us if you are near Fort Pierce.  

Getting that smile can be a reality in several weeks. The right smile is enough to boost one’s self-esteem and confidence. Having straight teeth can do wonders for a person.

It could be the difference between avoiding people and pictures versus enjoying social gatherings. If you live in a lively state like Florida, friends are a big part of your circle. Your smile says a thousand words when you enter a room. Go ahead and show it.